2019/2020 Resumption Information

Pls be reminded that all the newly admitted students (JS1, JS2, JS3 and SS1 are resuming on the thursday 12th September 2019 as from 9 am to 3 pm prompt.

All Returning SS1and SS3 are resuming on the thursday 12th September 2019 as from 9 am to 3 pm prompt.

Should you have students in other classes apart from the ones mentioned above, such student should resume with the above catogories on the thursday 12th September 2019 as from 9 am to 3 pm prompt.

Returning JS2, JS3 and SS2 students is on the Saturday 14th September 2019 as from 9 am to 3 pm prompt.

Parents are reminded to check the list of materials to be supplied by the students.

Parents are reminded to read the 3rd term news letter for details of the following:

  • School fees discount policy.
  • Chapel Appeal Fund
  • Pocket Money
  • PTA Termly Levy
  • Text books for 2019/2020 session.
  • Health Concern
  • Approved Provision requirements

3rd Term Result:

As part of resumption requirements, each student must return and submit with a copy of the 3rd term result with parent's comment/remark/observation on the child's performance, signature and date.

The 3rd term results online have been certified okay.

We can now assess, print and discuss the performance with the children.

  • Let's commend them in the areas of their strength and encourage in the areas of weaknesses. The child should tell you what accounted for his/her strength and weakness.
  • Rather than dwelling more on the class position, students' subject by subject performance, average and class average should matter most when discussing the results.
  • Discussing the result in a relaxed or conducive atmosphere is highly recommended.
  • Allowing the child doing most of the talking and taking responsibility for his/her performance is a nice way of promoting accountability.
  • Use the performance to jointly set new academic standard or target for the child. You may attach incentives to the actualization of the new academic target. That may trigger the child's commitment to actualizing the new targets.
  • Please be reminded make your remark, sign and return the copy of the result that has your remark and signature to the school on the resumption day.
  • We request for your feedback on the result as soon as possible.
  • How to make summer breaks more rewarding for our children.

    The main aim of long vacation is to help strengthen the extra curricular aspect of the curriculum which time has not permitted our children to learn during the regular school time.

  • It should not be the time to engage the child in another regular school.
  • The period should be meant for the child to relatively rest his or her brain and get refreshed and energized for another academic year. Not having enough rest has its consequences.
  • Use the period to remedy the subjects where the child performance was weak.
  • Avail the child one or two inspirational Literature to read per week during the holiday.
  • Create a skilled based vocation that the child can learn life long skills from, e.g. Short computer programming course, Catering services, Tailoring etc.
  • Attend Lessons on musical skills; musical instruments, voice training, song writing etc.
  • Attend Training on script writing, Drama etc
  • Attend Religious awareness programme such as summer bible school.
  • Attend camps organized by trusted voluntary organizations such as man O war, boys/girls brigades, boys scouts, Lydia, First Aiders etc where they will be taught soft skills like RISK TAKING, RESILIENCE, ADAPTABILITY etc. Principal: For SS2, Pls buy only the subjects in series like the English and Mathematics. It is espected that students in this class have the text books in other subject. Pls check the newsletter to ascertain the textbooks to be procured.


We return all thanks and praises to God for being with us to the end of 2018/2019 academic session. We also thank all our beloved parents for their support which made our moral and academic training a huge success in this outgoing session. May the good Lord continue to keep us together as we partner in developing God fearing students that are destined to shine for Christ in the world.



All newly admitted students into JS1, JS2, JS3, SS1, returning SS1 and SS3 students are resuming on Thursday, 12th September 2019 (9:00 am – 4:00 pm) Returning JS2, JS3 and SS2 students are resuming on Saturday, 14th September 2019 (9:00 am – 4:00 pm)


Attached to the take-home documents are two tellers for first term 2019/2020 session. We urge you to pay the sum on the two tellers before resumption if you can; otherwise, pay the sum on one of the tellers before the resumption day, and the other on or before the mid-term break. This is applicable to returning students only. All newly admitted students are to pay the school fees for 1st term at once, and will start enjoying the benefits of paying twice as from the 2nd term.

We are constraint to inform parents that loss of school teller will henceforth attract a fine of N200:00 only.

Parents with students in JS3/SS3 classes will be expected to finish paying the 2nd and 3rd term school fees by the end of March 2020. They are very free to make arrangements with the College Bursar on the convenient ways they intend to make the payments.

JS3 and SS3 Parents are to note that the amount to be paid for 2019/2020 external examination related fees will be made known when students return back to school in September 2019, and the fees will be expected to be paid on or before 29th December 2019 to enable the college register the students without any delay.


Please be informed that management has extended to 2019/2020 session the school fees discount opportunities.

Parents with three wards or more and pay full fees for the term at once have 10% discount, for one term in the year, even if they pay full fees at once thrice in the year.

Or Parents that pay annual school fees for any ward upfront have 5% discount on the annual fee paid.

All parents who want to enjoy discount on school fees of their wards should please bring proof of parentage. If the names and surnames of the wards they are paying their fees do not correspond with theirs, the school may refuse to grant the discount required.

The school Bursar may be reached through 08036001113 pertaining finance related issues.


We humbly call on parents to generously donate towards the building of a befitting place of worship. The present place we are using for church programmes is a multipurpose hall. It is the desire of the college to have a dedicated building for chapel programmes.

We wish to thank parents that have responded to this appeal and encourage other parents to kindly support our aspiration. Your donation can be paid or transferred directly into the college chapel account as detailed below:

  • Account Name: Joy International College
  • Bank: Stanbic IBTC
  • Account Number: 0001663414

To enable us acknowledge your kind support, please inform the college Bursar as soon as you make the payment. We trust that God will use you to be part of this noble project.


It is mandatory for all students to have pocket money deposited with the Bursary Department. The school releases N500:00 per week to each student from their pocket money account to meet some minor school needs. We do not disburse funds in the resumption and visiting weeks. We only disburse pocket money to students who were not visited on such occasions.

Students’ spending profile is contained in the pocket money statement-of-account found online in your child’s portal. Parents are encouraged to check the balance and add the differential to make it N5000 balance per term.


We write to remind parents that are yet to pay the PTA levy for 3rd term to please do so. The amount is N1500 per term (PTA dues and students’ welfare scheme). This is a termly payment payable to designated PTA officials on resumption day.


We wish to notify you that supplementary entrance examination to fill the few vacancies that exist in JS1, JS2 JS3 and SS1 comes up on Wednesday 24th July, 2019. Subsequent entrance examination during the holidays if vacancies still exist will be conducted on Mondays and Fridays by 8:00am.

We thank you for advertising and introducing our school to prospective parents in need of quality education. We are indeed grateful to you for believing in us. We will continue to work harder, to make our college a dream school. For inquiries, please contact any of the following numbers: Bukola: 08034512892, Wole: 08020317197, Dajel: 07036085293, Charles: 08136184913.


We appeal to parents to start sourcing for the needed text books for 2019/2020 session. This is very important as it will enhance the children’s preparation for the new class and session, it will also enable the child to meet the demand of the holiday take-home assignments.

You can please visit the college website (www.jickaduna.com.ng) to assess the list of recommended books.

The college has concluded arrangement with relevant publishers for the supply of books to the college to meet the needs of purchasing the required textbooks and workbooks. Interested parents are encouraged to pay to the college Cashier the amount in the table below, based on the classes and subject area of the child.

JS2 & JS3 Textbooks and workbooks N28,995:00

SS1 Science Textbook and Practical Manuals N25,100:00

SS1 Arts Textbooks and Literature texts N17,050:00

SS1 Commercial Textbooks N14,350:00

SS2 Arts English and 2 Mathematics textbooks plus Literature text N9,500:00

SS2 Commerial English and 2 Mathematics textbooks N5, 880

SS2 Science English and 2 Mathematics textbooks N6,500:00

SS3 Science English and 2 Mathematics textbooks N6,800:00

SS3 Arts English and 2 Mathematics textbooks plus Literature text N7,450:00


We thank God for the improved security situation along Abuja Kaduna expressway. May God arrest the minds of the evil doers and sustain the improved security. We add our voices to the prayers of believers in Jesus Christ for better security in our country.

As a school, we care about the safety and well-being of our parents and students. As a proactive way of reducing the frequency at which parents are on Kaduna-Abuja expressway, we have put up the following measures: Removal of the monthly visiting days in the 3rd term's school calendar.

Advice parents residing in Abuja to explore the use of the Abuja-Kaduna train services.

In using the train services, parents may wish to come together and form a group selecting few parents to escort the children to school, and take them from school back to Abuja during breaks.

When the group is formed and such services have begun, the group may wish to discuss with the school on any area of intervention or support required from the school for consideration.

We request that all Abuja parents in need of the train services to signify their interest by sending their names and phone numbers to the Principal who will create a WhatsApp group for interested parents to interact on the subject-matter.


We request that parents inform the college of the health status of their children when returning them back to school for monitoring and continuous evaluation. Parents should encourage their children to report any health challenges they encounter in the school and not allow it to degenerate before it is found out. The importance of visiting the school clinic and students taking their medication as prescribed cannot be overemphasized.

We wish to bring to the notice of parents that all expenses incurred when students are taken out of school to the hospital due to ill-health will be paid by the parent/guardian of the affected students. Consequently, we request parents covered by NHIS policy to send their NHIS number to the school to enable us present to the hospital when the need arises.


  • Milk in sachets (16g - 20g) 60 sachets for 4 weeks
  • Bournvita or Ovaltine or Milo in sachets (16g - 20g) 60 sachets for 4 weeks
  • Cabin biscuit 60 sachets for 4 weeks
  • Any of Cornflakes, or Golden Morn or cocopops 60 sachets for 4 weeks
  • Sugar (cube) 3 packets for 4 weeks
  • Toothpaste 1 medium size for 4 weeks
  • Pomade/Vaseline/body cream 1 medium size for 4 weeks
  • Shoe polish 1 medium size for 4 weeks
  • Detergent 30g 20 sachets for 4 weeks
  • Laundry soap 6 tablets for 4 weeks
  • Bathing soap 6 tablets for 4 weeks
  • Sardine 10 for 4 weeks


  • Liquid drinks of any kind are not allowed in the College.
  • Students will be allowed to make use of their pocket money to restock their provisions in the school after the initial three weeks’ duration.
  • Except on visiting days, no cooked food will be allowed. Parents are also to note that no cooked food will be allowed into the hostel even on visiting days, so left over food should be returned home.


Parents are to access the term’s result, behavioural report and pocket money statement of account and caution fee statement-of-account via the college website www.jickaduna.com.ng/mainlogin.php

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Enter college website: www.jickaduna.com.ng
  2. Click on result portal
  3. Username: Student’s school number
  4. Password: Parent’s phone number (the phone number that was registered with the college)
  5. Select the result you want to access
  6. Click to open
  7. Save the document(s) in your device or print the document(s) if you desire to retain them.

Should you experience any difficulty in accessing any of our e-documents, kindly contact any of the following staff;

Mr. Charles Adedoyin 08136184913, 07057668260 or Mr. Elams Ishaya 07068271400, 07014424614

To enable us get feedback from parents on academic performance of our students, a provision has been created on the result sheet for parents’ comment/remark/observation.

As a requirement for resumption, all students are required to submit a copy of their result sheet with parents’ remark on resumption day.


Parents are advised to co-operate with the school in ensuring that students dress properly in school and even at home in line with our moral training.

Parents are therefore expected to replace the female skirts that are above the knee and the male pencil trousers.

We do not allow fitted-wears for both boys and girls. Parents should please ensure that all student wears have their names stitched on them.

Stitching of names on uniforms include all inner wears. Our students know the correct specifications.

The correct shoes for classes are any pair of black shoes with flat sole, complete-cover, not semi-covered shoes, while brown sandals arethe correct footwearfor compound wear.Visit our website to see samples of shoes.


MALE: 4 Inner vest; 2 white and 2 black FEMALE: 4 Inner vest; 2 white and 2 black

MALE: 6 pants/boxers FEMALE: 6 pants FEMALE: Tights/under skirt; 2 white and 2 black FEMALE:Leggings; 2 black or brown

MALE:1 Bathroom slippers

FEMALE: 1 Bathroom slippers

MALE: Bag/Box 1 school bag for classes (any colour) 1 echola bag (size no 3) for dormitory (any colour

FEMALE: Bag/Box 1 school bag for classes (any colour) 1 echola bag (size no 3) for dormitory (any colour)

MALE: 1 mosquito treated net FEMALE: 1 mosquito treated net

MALE: 2 pyjamas for sleeping at night FEMALE: 2 night gowns

MALE: 1 towel FEMALE: 1 towel

MALE: 4 white socks FEMALE: 4 white socks

MALE: 1 indoor pant dryer of any colour FEMALE: 1 indoor pant dryer of any colour

MALE: 1 brown sandal for compound wear FEMALE: 1 brown sandal for compound wear

MALE: 1 black Loafer for classes and Sunday service FEMALE:1 black Loafer for classes and Sunday service

Kindly ensure that names are stitched on all the items for easy identification


Everystudent is required to resume with the following implement for compound cleaning:

Two (2) brooms, a hoe and a ‘langa-langa’ cutlass.


All male students are to resume with very low haircut and no male student is expected to return with any form of pencil or ankle-length trousers. Only our uniform material is acceptable.

We call on you to ensure that your child returns back to school well-dressed right from home. The students are to wear their buckled sanders and not slippers.

We hope parents will engage the students in productive activities that will add value to them during the 8 weeks holidays. We wish the students a happy and wonderful long vacation.

Correction of Misconception.

We wish to clear the misconception concerning school fees for 1st term 2019/2010.

Pls be informed that JIC school fees as from Sept 2019 is N132,500.

What the Proprietor/Coll. Admin said at PTA meeting of 20/7/19 was that management accepted N132,500 as school fee from Sept 2019, hoping that the fees will stand the test of time, if not, N2500 will be added to the fee from 2nd term.

You will recall that N132,500 was the position of parents at the April 2019 PTA meeting where school fees increment was tabled and discussed.

He added that as from 2nd term 2019/2020, N5, 000 will be added to the school fees of Science students.

So what you have in the teller for 1st term is correct.


The phone number of the new PTA Chairman Mr. Tumba Drambi 08034500238.


As resumption draws closer, pls be reminded to *stitch* *names* of your child on all his/her school *clothes* and *mark* their shoes and other *items* that are allowed for easy identification.

All Parents of SS1 Students are to return the Visiting ID cards produced when the child is in the junior college.

And submit two new passports one per guardian for the production of a new cards that reflects the new status of the child now in the senior college.

Production cost for the two cards (one per guardian): N1000 only.

All the students must resume with a copy of the departmental placement notification with parents comment/remark signed and dated